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Hi! I'm Razan Yousef, an Arabic native speaker. I love meeting new people and will be glad to teach you Arabic.

I have good experience teaching Arabic at all levels. I teach both the Jordanian dialect and MSA which is also called Fusha. I have had more than 4,273 lessons with students from all over the world.

Feel free to book your first lesson with me.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Here is my introduction in Arabic :

.مرحبا ! اسمي رزان يوسف و العربي هي لغتي الام بحب اقابل ناس جداد و رح أكون مبسوطة لو كنت معلمتك للعربي

بدرّس العربي لكل المستويات و عندي خبرة منيحة بتعليم المبتدئين كمان، بدرس اللهجة الأردنية و الفصحى و اعطيت اكتر من 4273 درس مع طلاب من
.كل مكان بالعالم

ازا بتحب/ي ممكن تحجز/ي أول درس النا مع بعض و خلينا نحط خطة و أهداف واضحة

! بتمنى اشوفك عن قريب

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12th March 2022

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  • I have been studying with Razan for several years. The progress I made thanks to Razan has been noticed by many Arabic native speakers. There is no better compliment than hearing from a Jordanian "you speak like us". I am very grateful for the lessons with Razan. She is understanding, patient and professional. The best teacher I've ever had.

    Simon Igla
    Informal Tutoring/ Advanced March 13, 2022
  • I have been taking lessons with Razan on a regular basis for a while and I am truly delighted and satisfied of my progress with her in Levantine dialect. Razan is a patient and very well organized teacher. She is very educational and takes the time to explain subtleties of the arabic language. She is a very nice person, which makes the lesson very lively and pleasant. I highly recommend her. Julien TAYEG

    Julien TAYEG
    45 Minuets lessons July 27, 2022
  • Razan is a brilliant, very patient, very encouraging and fun teacher, and I have thrived in my Jordanian Arabic studies with her guidance!!! When we first started I really knew very little Arabic, but she gently insisted on an Arabic speaking environment, which forced me and motivated me to learn how to ask questions and express myself in Arabic quickly. She always encourages questions and has the patience, knowledge, and skill to even explain grammar rules in Arabic to beginners! And because she knows English and Modern Standard Arabic very well, I can always trust that her answers to my questions and her explanations are accurate and that I’m learning the colloquial Arabic that I want to learn. I’ve been taking weekly lessons with her for over a year, and I can now hold simple but meaningful conversations in Arabic about a variety of topics! I'm learning the things that interest me and learning how to express my own ideas in Arabic. Razan corrects my mistakes without ever discouraging me or overwhelming me with too much grammar, and we always laugh in our lessons! I I highly recommend her!!!

    Rashidah Lovick
    Informal Tutoring/ Intermediate August 11, 2022
  • I've had online classes with Razan for over two years now and I hope to have them for several more. She's an excellent teacher and has played a huge role in raising my skills and confidence level. In fact, with the progress I made with her I've been able to get into a PhD programme where I'll be conducting research in Arabic. Whatever your background and language aims I can't recommend her enough! Shukran ya Razan!

    Zak Tobias
    Informal Tutoring/ Advanced August 13, 2022